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V-tech Rampage V-tech Rampage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gameplay > Subject

I am not going to get angry and start a fuss over this game. I am not going to ever say anything to anyone about this game being a horrible thing... it isn't.

The gameplay in this game is simply amazing, and I enjoyed each level. Although I will point out throwing the numbers at me in the end was sort of demeaning. I felt like a... not-so-nice person after beating this.

You know what though? You did an awsome job tying everything together, and unlike some flash games, you managed to pull off a good story... even if it wasn't (REALLY) moral.

I definetly think this deserves a 10 in every category except humor, but I think you can tell where I'm coming from, no? Anyway, I really liked your ol'-skool style, and the song that played in the first level was enough to get this game a 10 in sound! The interactivity was good, obviously, because this game had a great control scheme and interesting level builds. Violence wasn't particularly good, but if you take to mention that the style had a lot to do with that... I guess it deserved a 10 as well.

As written above I am not going to poke at you for completely blasting a twisted and sick event out of proportion in an evil and satanic videogame... because I'm ot that kind of person. This game was good for what it was, a game; and I think it deserves a lot for how much fun it is... sure when it's all over and done with you may severely injure yourself trying to figure out why you had fun doing it... but still, come on... this game is GREAT! ^_^

Gameplay > Subject.... but still, nice.

RPG scrolling terrain tut RPG scrolling terrain tut

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I have made this script before on my computer, but apparently your version actually allows you to go through the corner walls, if you move in a diagonal direction, sorry to burst your bubble but that wouldn't make a very good game.

It's a glitch, all games have them, try fixing it then reposting the tutorial, I played the "Final Product" and moved up right at the up right corner, and my character slowly made his way through your walls.

The NG Study Buddy The NG Study Buddy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was a really neat Gadget

I think this was really cool, even though it's Summer right now I put in some questions for fun like "What Color is the Sky?(Blue)"

I think it's really interesting that you'd go through the trouble to make thhis, especially since it's a kind gesture, to people like me. I fail so many tests....

I like how it had the newgrounds graphics style AND how the music was great. (I totally <3 the Chobits Theme {track 7 for all you non-believers})

Anyway, I think this was not only a neat toy, but could be a very good study tool for people like me, especially since there's no notecards to lose! -_^'
Good Job, I also watched All NG Fads Die.. funny shit right there

So in conclusion this deserves a Ten/Ten (And a 5/5) GREAT FUN!

Moosh responds:

Wow, thank you for your comment and your support :D And I do hope it does help people like you :P

(<3 Chobits :D)

Bubble Gum Adventure 3 Bubble Gum Adventure 3

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Ok this is pretty good!

The only thing is I have used that script before, and you didn't make it very efficient, I got some of my old glicthes to work, going through platforms and such. I think you should definetly make a game that you can write your own code for. And I guess this isn't so gay, I was thinking of making a platformer with gum soon... lol. Anyway this was good enough for a (3rd?) Submission, try to write some script for your own game, or use this one more efficiently, if you're using the script I think you are, move the character a bit inside is movie clip, thats how to get rid of him levitating over the platforms.

Quake3-Interactive(DM12) Quake3-Interactive(DM12)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice idea.

I think more choices should lead to more choices, what I mean is, I don't think every desicion should be:

A.Do right thing and live
B.Do wrong thing and die

I think there should be more

A.Do right thing and live
B.Do wrong thing and live

just and idea, maybe you could have the health go down when you make bad desicions, when health=0 you die..
It all Dynamic text and actianscripts, look it up online

ALSO- make sure your buttons don't just have letters as the clcik area, go to the "hit" frame of the button and draw a rectangle around all the text, then we won't have to click on a letter. We can now just click in a general area and Ta-da! the button works.

Good idea- good start- would make a good series.

Peace out ^_^

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Gavin the pro golf goblin Gavin the pro golf goblin

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That's really good!

Heym that's a nice game, although it runs slow I only played a bit because I kind of got the point after 2 "holes"

Hey, I have been wanting to know for a while.. how do I submit to ArmorGames?

Thanks, and good luck with your next submission ^_^

SousaPalooza SousaPalooza

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think this was funny.

I like your concept and everything, the game flows nice in low quality and it has a really high-paced feel to it, I liked the sprites too!

I had a quick question fo a while now and I really want to ask so here it is. How do I submit something to ArmorGames?

Thanks, and good luck on future work ^_^

Cleaner - A Platform Game Cleaner - A Platform Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job!

This seems like one of those "instant-classics" on newgrounds, you should definetly get this sponsored so you can get money for it!

I loved the way the enemies died and how the sfx were bouncy, but I didn't like that you didn't even have an option to turn on music, but I guess that's what windows media player playlists are for... Anywa great Job! Good luck on Front Page!

Oh and if you did the script yourself, maybe you could pop me an e-mail sometime? PLEASE?!?!

Peace ^_^

-Cupid- -Cupid-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was awesome. God damnit

All these armor games coming out like day after god damn day use the same scripts, or nearly the same. It really bothers me that a lot of them get front page because people should try to understand that plopping out the same script with different movie clips is not a new game, it only appears to be. I want to know how and why your doing this...

Seriously How and Why? Just like respond to the review and answer me PLEASE!

TrueDarkness responds:

Heh, okay. Here is how it works. People like me, a 14 year old kid (and my partner Buzzwerd-) know some AS, put together a game and work on it for some time. Then, we decide "hey wouldn't it be nice to earn some money for this game?" so, we contact Armor Games. They approve the game, and then, depending on the score this game gets on Newgrounds, we get paid a certain amount for the game. We do not work at Armor Games, we get paid by them.

These games do not all have the same scritps. They are all programmed differently by different people. Don't know how you got that one :P

I hope you understand how it works now. And I'm glad you liked. Thanks.

supersoldier supersoldier

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an AMAZING engine.

Everything is so lifelike and the zoom in when he's not in vehicle and zoom out when he is reminds me of tons of video games I have played, the graphics were good and the way the enemies died was great, all sound FX so far as I saw were done perfectly, and the music reminded me of.. I think it's hyrule field from Ocarina Of Time, but it could me from Majora's Ma- back to the point, really good job on this hope it makes front page!

God Speed! ^_^