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My puppy died.

2011-11-24 20:18:34 by Chrome-Demon

My little Snowball died tonight, and it's very sad. I suppose all puppies die eventually though...

Also I might have a new game out next year that I make pretty much entirely by myself, and I'm working on a separate project with a friend of mine. Though in case that project doesn't make it, and I don't want to tease, I'll keep the name of my pal a secret for now. :3

GAEM 2 has almost 100k (over the whole internenenenenenet) loads according to my API monitor, which is pretty exciting!... for me... I guess... :<
( /575981)

Anyway, pretty much just want to spread sadness now that my puppy is gone so BE SAD! :D

(I'm so alone...)


GAEM 2 Released

2011-08-01 15:30:51 by Chrome-Demon

Update: All Mac Problems should be solved, at the cost of some sfx and rollover graphics. <3


While I had some very depressing issues with none-other than Lisa's Mac, I would like to report that the game I originally planned to release for her last Christmas is finally done.

While I did not work on it between then and now all that much, most of the games content was in fact finished almost a year ago, and in the past few days I've mustered up the strength to put on the last few bells and whistles.

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys this game and can give me some constructive criticism other than the soundtrack being rather dull, as I will need the experience going forward. :3

Please try it out:

GAEM 2 Released

A Public Service Announcement??

2010-09-25 11:56:17 by Chrome-Demon

Clearly not satisfied with the hits my new cartoon 'i-waste' has gotten so far, I've decided to put up a news post about it!!!

I kid, of course. I'm astounded at the reception. The film took me very little time to create and I'm glad that people are enjoying it as much as they are! Anyway, if you're interested, hop on over to the film at that link up there. I've heard about some music issues so I might take a look at those if the films grows longer legs. Regardless, I hope that everyone likes it!

In other news, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. It wasn't a very painful process and the process they put me under with made me trip balls. I have no idea what they use but it sure is FUNNY! If anyone wants to talk about their own experiences with wisdom teeth, shoot me a line or a comment or something.

Also, I might have a new game coming out... sometime before the end of the year. If anybody liked any of my previous software, feel free to salivate over the idea!

Most of all though, I want all of you out there to HAVE A NICE DAY!!! :D


2010-02-06 10:38:25 by Chrome-Demon

Today is my Eighteenth Birthday!! This means I can do four or five things that I couldn't before, but mostly I'm just happy to have made it this far. I know 18 isn't an old age, but I sure feel different than I did just a few years ago. I hope to have a good day today and I hope you all do too!

Also, if anyone wants to friend me on PlayStation Network for some games of MAG, I'll probably be on today. My screen name is Chrome_Demon.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :D

What I've been up to..

2010-01-19 19:16:21 by Chrome-Demon

Well it's that time again, Newgrounds, the time where I put up a front page post about all the wonderful crap I've been working on. I know you've probably never heard of me, but maybe eventually that will be different, and then you'll be able to say: "Hey, I remember that guy helplessly posting on the front page!!"

I'll go from newest to oldest, and if nothing quite suits your fancy then have a "Meh," and be on your way. If you have time and would like to review one of these pieces, please feel free to as I very much enjoy reading them. You can also comment here or send me a Private Message, I'll be sure to at least look at all of them, that is if there are any. Regardless of whether or not it particularly interests you anyway, here's what I've been doing:


My most recent film, a short clip about a bill that is in desperate need of passing, was created for a class at school called Problems of Democracy. The objective of the small project we were working on was to show what we thought was the biggest problem with democracy. My thought was that the wasting of time that sometimes goes on was a huge problem. You see, oftentimes people are brought to wasting time because the issue is not very urgent (or maybe they just assume so?) and they want something to do as filler instead of just working on the task at hand. In this films case, I may have been a bit extreme and in the end I feel like maybe I ragged on the government a bit too hard, but regardless I had fun making this and it took me about a day on and off to make.

Without further ado, Wasting too much time..:


To finish up a Cinema Arts class I've been taking, I had to create a movie. I decided, naturally, to animate my film in flash as opposed to the norm for the class, which was physical real-world video. This ended up taking a lot of work, but the two movies I got out of the entire class, Elevators and Elevators 2, really were rewarding for me in terms of expressing my idea of this strange world I'd thought up. It's a world where Elevators walk the earth. These gigantic "Creatures" were inspired by the Iron Giant, and I believe that even though I failed to deliver that message, I still managed to make them look interesting and large. The first film was decent and yet marred by my use of music created by myself. It ended up becoming repetitive and annoying, in my and other's opinions. The second movie, I feel, greatly improved on the first in terms of cinematography and overall style. Then again, that's mostly for you to decide, isn't it?

You can view Elevators Two, with a link to the original Elevators, here:


A creative project for Sci-Fi Fantasy class got my ball rolling, if you know what I mean. This project was to be an expression of some elements pertaining to either Science Fiction or Fantasy writing as an artistic piece. Some people wrote short stories, some made models, and I made a short video game. This game comes in the form of Yet Another Knight, a piece that, while I know it could have been improved greatly, was pretty darn good for just a day of work. The music I found on the Audio Portal also really helped make this a nice project for me. However, I believe it scored low possibly because of the overall simplicity and length. Sure, the game isn't a 20 minute epic brought to you by such an such with high definition graphics and the like, but I really enjoyed the time I spent making it, and maybe someone out there enjoyed playing it, which in the end is what is most important to me. Anyways, if you feel like giving the game a go, I'd much appreciate some more feedback on this one.

This link will take you to Yet Another Knight:


Last and most certainly least in terms of acceptance, comes Last of 2k9!!. I really wanted this game to succeed, but the graphics and level design were done in a single day. With this one I really screwed up on time management, and it seems the whole things just fell to pieces when I submitted it. Annoying soundtrack, annoying gameplay, seeing these things said about something I've created isn't easy, but I'll embrace these ideas so that maybe the next time I try to create a platformer, it won't suck.

You can play Last of 2k9!! below:


After all is said and done, I feel like the last few months have been A O.K.. Honestly, I had hoped some of my content would be more appreciated, but obviously it just wasn't my time to shine quite yet. Hopefully in the coming year, I can learn more about flash and the things I can do with it. I've been working with it for a long time now and I still don't have even half the skill that some of the head honchos here weave their work with. I'll be looking forward to the day something I do gets the recognition I crave, and until then I will be improving my skills in ways that I'm sure I can't yet tell you. Someday, Newgrounds, someday I might be somebody here, but until then, I hope you enjoyed my post.

I'll be posting again hopefully around February 6th, which is my 18th birthday! Cigarettes, porno and... voting? Sure to be an exciting chapter of my life. Anyway, if you managed to read this whole thing about this author you've never heard of, I salute you soldier, thanks for your time! :D

Feel free to comment, e-mail or Private Message me with any questions or comments you've got.

Elevators are interesting!

2009-10-23 15:13:03 by Chrome-Demon

And so is my new movie! :D

Try giving it a view, I made it in a fairly short time because I needed to make a deadline for school. Hopefully you'll all like it.

In other news, life is good, nothing else to say. XD

I can feel my brain dying

2009-09-20 22:43:07 by Chrome-Demon


Anyway I've been up to pretty much nothing lately. I have to crank out a 7 or so minute flash movie for cinema arts in the next 6-4 weeks or something so expect that shit to hit sooner or later. I'm working on like 2 different games or something, I forget now but it's not a big deal since I don't finish shit anyway. Bluemen battle 3 is at the... errrrr 10-15% mark and will never be finished so don't hold your breath(s) (Also massive lol because nobody actually gives a shit). If anyone still thinks 99 levels will ever actually release then I apologize because I haven't touched that shit since I spoke about it on here and I most likely will create a game someday titled 99 levels but it will look wildly different than that wonderful little program I released a few years ago.

I just got my Zune working again, considering I had no component cable for around 2 years which makes charging the battery pretty.... difficult. Upgraded my Nvidia 8600 GT to an Nvidia 260 GTX, gets some pretty nice shiny things on the screen it does. Hmmm been playing Guerilla Red Faction, haven't worked in about a week, OH THAT'S RIGHT I GOT A NEW JOB NOT THAT YOU KNEW ABOUT MY OLD ONE ._. I do computer graphics work for a college that I live near, it's a nice job but my boss is in Japan so I haven't had to work in a while. If you're actually reading this I'm really, really proud of you!

I have a ton of characters left and I really want to make good use of this front page space, so I'm going to find something to do with it.

OH I KNOW! Please come play with me on xbox live when ODST comes out. Also if anyone owns a Playstation 3 (Mine still has backward compatibility bitches!) friend me on their little network service. I'm Chrome-Demon or Chrome_Demon or something of the like. I honestly forget this shit pretty often because when I use PSN I don't look at my name too much. On Live I usually see my name logging in, checking achievements etcetera but on PSN it just doesn't come up very often.

Anyway if you want to play something with me just let me know, I have a lot of games. :D

I've been running Windows 7 for a little while and I must say it's quite nice. Although some people make it out to be a huge step up from Vista, I'm not yet convinced myself. It does have all these nice little features that make it stream-lined though, and that's what makes it really nice for me. I'm a wizard with software, don't get me wrong, but something about the way all the little things come together just makes it really awesome.

School's going good this year, I don't have any teachers I dislike but I dropped choir because I don't feel like doing it anymore. I've been keeping up in everything except math which I'm usually pretty bad with but I'd like to get up this year. I mean since a lot of computer majors require that I'm... y' know, good at math.

If you go to the website romulation I have some reviews in their review section of the forums, give them a read if it suits your fancy.

Herrmmmmm...... Ok so I guess that's basically it, if anyone wants to chat IM me or something. Also watch some of my old shit, it's getting lonely. I still have a shit ton of characters left but I guess I'm not good enough to fill our all 30 some thousand.

I'm not surprised. :D

In other news, I may be making a game with Tim Frommeyer, but you'll just have to wait and see won't you now? Just kidding, shit is totally rolling.


If you actually read all of this shit you deserve a reward,

PS: A picture of me SMILING!!!!

The Game!

2009-06-16 22:41:34 by Chrome-Demon

Well my super-awesome, almost-impossible new game is here!

I bet you were all just itching for it!

Don't hate me for the difficulty, it's fun if you get into it. Too bad it's five minutes long! :D

Anyway, that's pretty much it. If you want to you can leave comments on it here, I'm more likely to see them that way but whatever works is just fab with me.

Peace out,

Happy Birthday?!

2009-02-16 16:46:56 by Chrome-Demon

I turned 17 about a week or so ago, Friday February 6th

Anyway just wanted to make a news post to say that so......

Yep no real news.

Seeya ^-^

Happy New Year Everyone!

2009-01-01 00:45:37 by Chrome-Demon

I made a new flash game in the last few seconds of 2k8...


Lots of hopefully fun stuff planned for 2009, just got a BlackBerry Storm (with my own money, expensive at 16 trust me) so if you need me send me an e-mail or whatever.

Peace out, enjoy your new years celebrations and all that jazz.